Stones in Motion :: Creative Freeform Cabochons Handcrafted by Ed Orekar

Lapidary is a fading occupation due to the cheap costs of overseas labor and mass production, but  there's nothing like the look and feel of a hand cut and polished stone. I select my rough material from high quality stones from all over the world. Each slab is selected for it's coloring, patterns, and general interest, so that I may create the finest one-of-a-kind hand cut cabochons possible. I cut my cabochons in a freeform style as well as traditional standard sizes and shapes.

Coming soon: I will be selling rough rock as well as slabs for cabbing.

If you're looking to create unique and attractive jewelry using stones that have been carefully hand crafted, then take some time and browse my Cabochons page. If you don't see anything there that suits your needs, contact me as I will also create custom cabochons to your specifications.

Enjoy your visit and come back often.


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